Mvp Module 4 Homework

Students then work in groups on the Growing, Growing, Gone activity from the Mathematics Vision Project Module 4 on Linear and Exponential Functions. The activity is attached as a pdf in this section (Collab Work 1 MVP p27_29.pdf). The module is also posted as a resource in the Exit Ticket section.

For the first 20-minute section of this activity, students focus on creating two models of population growth: a linear model and an exponential model.

If students are struggling I help them with some cues. For example, I might start with the question, "what year are we starting with and how do we use the starting population in linear (y-intercept) and exponential (constant or a) functions?" Another useful cue would be something to the effect of, "What is the rate of change for the two data points we have? Where does the rate of change show up in linear and in exponential functions?"

This activity is a great example of what Dan Meyer talks about in his popular TED talk - here we are peeling back a lot of the typical layers of support and are encouraging students to persevere in problem solving. I really like this activity as an example of both MP.1 for the perseverance piece and MP.4 for the modeling piece. 


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