Bf3 Rambo Assignment Pc

Free Premium?

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I guess it's probably cuz of the miracle that happened with the double XP, I assume it will end with double xp event, which is only for the weekend, as far as I recall how it was.
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I have the same problem. Today after a match I made progress on Battlescars, Fire in the hole, Combat Medic and Rambo assignments. I have not Premium as you can see.
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If you think about them turning on Double XP from a business perspective, it may have been done as a marketing tool to rekindle interest in the Battlefield series so that BF1 will be a bigger success. If Double XP is being used as a marketing tool, than it stands to reason that giving away the DLC maps would be another marketing move to draw even more players back in. Think about all the non-premium players who left the game long ago out of boredom. Giving away the DLC would be like introducing a new game to them, I imagine the game population would really increase for awhile. Maybe they'll do it if Double XP is in fact a marketing ploy.

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