Toys R Us Off Hours Stock Crew Descriptive Essay


I applied online. The process took a week. I interviewed at Toys "R" Us (Roseville, MI) in October 2014.


The process was pretty quick, I had my interview today (friday). I got my first call about a week ago to set up an interview. They was eager to interview me because my past experience at The Home Depot, Michaels Arts & Crafts, and RGIS.. When I got there, I went to the Guest Service Desk, like directed. And the Team Member directed me to the training room. I waited about 30 mins before my interview even begin.. Before I got there, I thought it was going to be a GROUP interview like the lady that called me said, it was. But it wasn't. I got interviewed by a supervisor because the hiring manager wasn't in.

The interview was cool, laid back, and not so uptight and demanding like I thought it was. Be down to earth, and smile! The Man that interviewed me asked a few simple questions.. like what would your past employers say about you? and tell me about yourself? and pretty much explained what's expected of me.

I answered all the questions, and asked him a couple of my own and the interview was over. it was about 20 mins. He seemed to be fond of me.. I knew i got the job!

On my way home, I gotten a call back from another associate, whom informed me that they want to further the application process and will be running a background check on me. which will take a couple days.. and when the results come in, they will call and set up orientation.

So I'm just waiting till Monday :) and see when they will schedule it.. hope all goes well.
PS: i just wish pay was higher , its only $8.15 (minimum wage) :(

and Good Luck, if you are preparing for a interview with Toys R Us..

Be confident, smile, and willing to learn and work hard!!!

Interview Questions

Toys "R" Us 2014-10-03 16:24 PDT

We have part-time openings for Seasonal Cashiers and Off-Hours Stock Crew Team Members.

Must be able to work various shifts per week and be available weekdays and weekends.


Do you want to work in a fun, fast-paced environment, with flexible schedules, great benefits, and awesome coworkers?

Toys 'R' Us Oakview is hiring part-time, seasonal cashiers and off-hours stock crew team members!

If interested, apply directly at

Responsibilities include:

1. Guest service. Smile and engage every Guest. Address all questions and inquiries by Guests. If asked a question that they cannot answer, will locate the appropriate subject expert to further help the Guest. Ask Guest about shopping experience and suggest add-ons (e.g., batteries). Interacts with Guests of all ages. 2. Operates cash register and verifies purchase price. Identify and locate UPC codes on items, correctly scan codes, and obtain assistance for price checks when a price code is not readable or is missing. 3. Packages Guest goods. Packages a Guest's goods unassisted and place goods in the Guest's shopping cart. 4. Processes Guest payments. Accurately process all forms of Guest payments accepted by the store, including cash, store credit, checks and credit cards. Payment processing duties include counting cash and making change, use of electronic credit card receipts, verification of Guest identification for checks, communication with Guests to obtain identifying information (such as driver's licenses), recordation of Guest information on checks, and communication with store manager for authorization on checks over $100. 5. Retention and execution of tasks. Able to learn to perform all essential job functions at an acceptable level with minimal supervision within 3 weeks.

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