Ignou Ms-8 Solved Assignment July 2010 Chinese

B.A First Year, B.A Third Year, B.A Second Year


  • B.A Economic (English and Hindi)

  • B.A Politcal Science (English and Hindi)

  • B.A Elective course in Sociology (English and Hindi)

  • B.A Public Administration (English and Hindi)

  • B.A History (English and Hindi)

  • B.A Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language CTE(BDP)

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IIGNOU B.A Solved Assignment For 2017-18 Session

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 BuyBHIE-107 Modern Europe: Mid Eighteenth to Mid Twentieth Centuries In Hindi [Assignment]

BHIE-107 Modern Europe: Mid Eighteenth to Mid Twentieth Centuries In Hindi Medium


Block- 1 The Origins of Modern Politics-1
Unit-1 The Modern State and Political Culture
Unit-2 Radical Action by the Masses
Unit-3 Formation of Modern French State

Block- 2 The Origins of Modern Politics-II
Unit-4 Intellectual Trends
Unit-5 Political Transition in Britain: 1780-1850
Unit-6 European Political Systems

Block- 3 Industrialisation in Europe
Unit-7 Rise of Industrial Capitalism
Unit-8 Industrialisation 1750-1850
Unit-9 Industrialisation 1851-1914
Unit-10 Industry and Urbanisation

Block- 4 Modern Industrial Society
Unit-11 Peasants, Artisans and Workers
Unit-12 The Middle Class
Unit-13 Transforming World of Women
Unit-14 Education, Health and Leisure

Block- 5 The Nation-State System
Unit-15 Nationalism and the Nation-State
Unit-16 Formation of Nation-State-1: British and French
Unit-17 Formation of Nation-State-2: Germany and Italy
Unit-18 Empires and Nation-States-1: Ottoman and Habsburg Empires
Unit-19 Empires and Nation-States-2: The Russian Empire and Soviet Union

Block- 6 Colonialism and Imperialism
Unit-20 Colonialism and Imperialism
Unit-21 Patterns of Colonial Domination-I
Unit-22 Patterns of Colonial Domination-II
Unit-23 Cultural Dimensions of Imperialism

Block- 7 The Crisis of the 20th Century-I
Unit-24 Liberal Democracy
Unit-25 Counter Revolution-I: Fascism to Conservative Dictatorship
Unit-26 Counter Revolution-II: National Socialism in Germany
Unit-27 The Socialist World-I
Unit-28 The Socialist World-II

Block- 8 The Crisis of the 20th Century-II
Unit-29 The Crisis of Capitalism
Unit-30 Two World Wars
Unit-31 Glimpse of Post-War World-I
Unit-32 Glimpse of Post-War World-II


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Sample Paper - II

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