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India is a vast country with second largest population and seventh largest land area in the world. The population of India is more than 1.2 billion.

There are 29 states mainly on the basis of linguistic lines. There are wide variety of languages and that of culture, festivals, dress and mode of living is even greater.

There lies cultural unity among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and other communities in India.


On the north of India there are Himalayan mountain ranges. It protects India as its guardian. There is Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Ocean in the south, south-east and south-west respectively.

The highest point in India lies in the Kanchenjunga mountains. The longest river is River Ganga.


India has a tri-colored national flag. The three colors are saffron, white and green.  The Ashok Chakra in the center of the India flag denotes righteousness.

The national anthem and song are “Jana Gana Mana” and “Vande Mataram” respectively. In the National Emblem, there are four lions standing back to back denoting courage and strength.


The civilization of Harappa and Indus Valley in India is believed to be more than 4000 years old. The Rig Vedic period started at around 1700 B.C. India was highly civilized and well developed by 500 B.C.  India witnessed a golden period under Gupta Empire during 320 A.D and 500 A.D. The Delhi Sultanate ruled from 1206 to 1526. The Mughal period was from 1526 to 1857. Bahadur Shah II was the last Mughal Emperor. The British ruled thereafter. India got its independence on 15th August, 1947.


Several religions originated from India such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Islam, Christianity and other religions also found its place in India.


There is no national language in India. There are many regional languages and several other local dialects. These languages mainly belong to Indo-Aryan and Dravadian family. There are 22 official languages in India.


The major Hindu Festivals are Diwali, Durga puja, Dussehra, Raksha Bandhan, Holi etc. The major Muslim festivals are Ramadan, Eid, Muharram, etc. The major Sikh festivals are Holla Mohalla, Vaisakhi, Guru Nanak Gurpurab, etc. The Christians celebrate Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, etc.

Important Cities

New Delhi is the Capital city of India. The other metro cities are Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai. The other major cities are Bangalore, Mysore, Chandigarh, Raipur, etc.


Indian Culture has a rich history of more than four thousand years. The national culture of India aims for perfect blend of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, and other wide variety of regional cultures.

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I love my India not because it is my mother-country. The people around me are lovely. The tradition is something unique. My mother-tongue is the most beautiful language on the earth. The natural beauty spread all over India is really enchanting. The religious touch that we could find among Indians is heart-touching. Besides all these factors, there are many other aspects of India which have attracted my attention to keep me loving it. I want to state only two aspects here because of shortage of time.


We speak different languages. Every 25 kilometer entertains different culture. All the major religions are followed here. Communal clashes are the nature of the day. Political parties are diverse at national as well as the regional level. In spite of all these differences, we feel ONE when it becomes the matter of Indianism. The warmth and hospitality of the Indian people get deepened in spite of this diversity. The economic renaissance is amazing in the recent past. The economic progress of the people has maintained the unity of the people. Indian philosophy of life which is also called is called Sanatan Dharma is prime factor to sustain this unity in diversity.


To quote Sri Aurobindo, 'For more than three thousand years, India has been creating abundantly and incessantly, lavishly with an inexhaustible many sidedness, republics, kingdoms, empires, philosophies, cosmogonies, sciences, creeds, arts, poems and all kinds of monuments, palaces, temples, public works, communities, societies, religious orders, laws, codes and rituals, physical sciences, psychic sciences, systems of Yoga, systems of politics, administration, arts spiritual, arts worldly, trades, industries, fine crafts - the list is endless.' This is the honest word to vouch for the creativity of My India.

Of course there are many and many factors of India which have attracted different people in different times. For all these things, I love My INDIA.


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