Unit 2 Business Resources Assignments

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1 Unit 2- Assignment 1P1, P2, M2BTEC Level 3 Business

2 Human ResourcesHuman resources are essential to businesses of all sizes.Human resources are managed in two waysThe right people have to be recruitedThe right resources have to be provided to facilitate the employees in doing their job.

3 Human ResourcesStaffing to meet changing business demands – a business needs to employ the right people at the right time- the need for staff will change depending upon the economic climate, the life cycle stage the business is in, seasonal fluctuations.Monitoring of team performance- a business needs to monitor how well a group of employees performs, this can be done using target setting.Establishing a professional culture- this is determining the way employees behave in a business, a business sets expectations and rules to ensure the culture in the business is professionalOutsourcing- business can outsource some of their departments, for example cleaning, this can be done to save money in training and recruitment costs, and machinery.

4 Maintenance of Operations
Adequate resourcesStaffingEquipmentWorking capitalFacilities

5 Recruitment Documents
Begin your essay with an introduction to Human resources- why are they important to businesses and how can they be managed in a business?Now explain the recruitment process, including actual examples for a selected business.Job Advert- what does it include and what methods are used?Job Description- what information is included?Person Specification- what information is included?What methods can a potential employee use to apply? CV, letter, application form?Selection- what methods of selection are used? Who is responsible for this?Interviews- what types of interviews are usedContracts- what is includedInduction training- what training is offered and who conducts the training.Conclusion: how does a business decide they need to recruit a new member of staff? Why is it important to employ the right person?

6 P1- Recruitment process
1. Choose a business and produce a flow chart to show their stages of the recruitment process2. Explain what happens at each stage3 Provide an example of each document used during the recruitment process4 Explain the reasons as to why a business may need to recruit.

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