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The following links point to NCSU collections, regional sources, and large volume websites for online historical data and maps.

Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970

Sanborn maps covering the United States are available to NCSU researchers through the NC LIVE Web site. Patrons of North Carolina public libraries and other schools have access to North Carolina maps through NC LIVE. See the Digital Sanborn Maps webpage for more information.

Historic Topographic Maps

  • USGS historic topo search options - Multiple sites are listed that provide access to historic maps viewable online and for download. The "text query" "geonames" site is in some ways the easist to use.
  • USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer - Another very nice view/download USGS site, but for some reason it's not listed in the page linked above.
  • Historic topographic map images - NCSU Libraries collection. Georeferenced maps of NC, 15-minute series. Dates range from early 1900's to 1950's.

North Carolina Maps

Collaborative digitization project by the North Carolina State Archives, North Carolina Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Outer Banks History Center. Contains hundreds of maps from the late 1500s to the 1960s, and includes at least one detailed map for each NC county.

Historic Aerial Photographs

NCSU Libraries maintaines a listing of sources for both digital scans and prints.

North Carolina County Road Maps

Maps showing state maintained roads, by county. Eight collections, spanning from 1930-1968 in TIF and PDF formats.

See Also: Archived State Travel Maps for NC.

NC Maps for Genealogy Research

County Formation Maps for NC, 1664-Present. Links to historical records and other states.

Newberry Library Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

GIS shapefiles for download of past boundary lines.

Carolina Places in Time

Many old maps for North and South Carolina, and especially the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area.

Trading Path Association

An organization based in Hillsborough, NC that focuses on mapping and preserving former trading routes, stream fords, mills, and relics from the past. The staff use GPS and GIS extensively for mapping, and welcome project collaboration.

Tennessee Online Historic Topographic Maps

Ongoing project to scan and georeference topographic maps for online access.

The Library of Congress American Memory Project

Many map collections including National Parks, Railroads, Revolutionary War, and Civil War.

William P. Cumming Map Society

Website for a North Carolina based cartographic society. Links to maps from the 16th-19th centuries focussing on southern US and North Carolina.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Over 10,000 maps online focusing on rare 18th and 19th century North and South America maps and other cartographic materials. Historical maps of the World, Europe, Asia and Africa are also represented.

National Historic GIS (NHGIS)

Over 12,000 aggregate US Census tables and 430 GIS shapefiles spanning the entire United States from 1790 to 2010, available for download on a free website.

Historical Census Browser

University of Virginia supported site that contains population and economic Census data for 1790-1960 for US states and Counties.

County and City Data Books

Online access to electronic versions of the 1988, 1994 and 2000 County and City Data Books published by the U.S. Census Bureau. Primarily a ranking resource, a wide range of demographic, economic, political, and health topics are covered. Data are available for states, counties, cities, and places.

MyTopo's Historic Topographic Map collection

Archive of old USGS topo maps for Northeastern US states.

UPDATE 12/19: The Board of Education approved the final Student Enrollment Plan for the 2018-19 school year. Find your base school assignment and application schools.

The main drivers of this plan are the opening of four new schools in the 2018-19 school year: 

  • South Garner High School, 8228 Hebron Church Road, Garner (Opening for 9th and 10th graders)
  • Apex Friendship Middle School, 7701 Humie Olive Road, Apex
  • Bryan Road Elementary School, 8317 Bryan Road, Garner
  • Buckhorn Creek Elementary School, 5651 Honeycutt Road, Holly Springs

Learn more about the new schools.


We are committed to smart growth and planning strategies that promote healthy schools and address school crowding. We currently have more than 160,000 students, and are projected to add nearly 23,000 additional students by the 2024-25 school year.  


Watch the video to learn more about how we use smart planning and creativity to manage growth.


We are opening new schools every year to plan for this growth. New schools are populated with students from existing schools. This is what causes the majority of changes to student assignments. In some cases, a proposed change in assignment is caused by the opening of a new school, but the student is assigned to another existing school in the area. 



We also are proposing a number of other changes related to balancing school populations and a state-mandated reduction in K-3 class sizes.



Our school board and district staff makes these decisions by weighing four factors: Student Achievement, Stability, Proximity and Operational Efficiency.


Watch the video to learn more about the Four Pillars.



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