Ucla Dissertation Year Fellowship Application

The fellowship application is to be used by all continuing UCLA graduate students who wish to be considered for UCLA merit-based awards in 2018-19. Awards are not automatically renewable. Students must apply yearly, as applicable. If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, we urge you also to apply for need-based financial aid. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available from the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office or at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Please note that students in self-supporting programs are not eligible to apply for any Graduate Division fellowships. Those program are:

  • Architecture – M.Arch.II SUPRASTUDIO
  • Economics – Master’s of Applied Economics
  • Education Leadership Program (EdD)
  • Engineering Online Master’s  Programs (all)
  • Management (Executive MBA, Fully Employed MBA, Global Executive MBA for Asia Pacific, Global Executive MBA for the Americas, Master of Financial Engineering, MBA)
  • Public Health (Executive Master of Public Health, Master of Public Health for Health Professionals)
  • School of Law – LLM Program
  • Social Science – Master of Social Science
  • Statistics – Applied Statistics (MS)


  1. Before starting an application, please review the eligibility requirements detailed in Graduate Student Financial Support.
  2. Complete all the items on the application that pertain to the fellowship for which you are applying. You will be INELIGIBLE if items are left blank and information is called for but not provided.
  3. You may apply for graduate merit-based awards in only one major department.
  4. At the end of the application you will be presented with a list of additional materials required to complete your application. Please submit them in the order specified, as a single PDF, using the Supplemental PDF File Upload option below.


The campus-wide application deadlines are listed below. Please consult your department for exceptions to the deadlines.

  1. January 17, 2018 – Endowed Fellowships
  2. February 7, 2018 – Graduate Summer Research Mentorship (GSRM)
  3. February 14, 2018 – Graduate Research Mentorship Program
  4. February 28, 2018 – Dissertation Year Fellowship


Please apply below if you are currently an enrolled eligible graduate student. Application is for endowed fellowships open to continuing students, the Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program, the Graduate Research Mentorship Program and the Dissertation Year Fellowship.

The information you submit using the online application is through a secured server that utilizes Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and a Secure Server Digital ID to protect your privacy. Access the application using your UCLA Logon ID.

Notification of Awards

Students are notified via e-mail as soon as award decisions are made, from Spring through early Fall. Do not expect notification before April.

Decision Status

If you received an e-mail notification, please check your decision status below.

The following is a summary of fellowships offered by the UCLA Graduate Division. Detailed information on the following fellowships is available on the the Graduate Student Financial Support for Continuing Students manual.


  1. The Graduate Research Mentorship Program is designed to assist recipients in acquiring and developing advanced research skills under faculty mentorship. The program’s expected outcome is to increase the number of students who complete the PhD degree and who show promise as candidates for faculty appointments. Faculty mentors are expected to be in frequent contact with the student participants and to assist them with research leading to the development of a doctoral dissertation. The program is campus wide and is open to students who have completed at least one but no more than three years at UCLA doctoral study at the time of application and are not yet advanced to candidacy. Awardees and faculty mentors will be asked to submit a year-end program evaluation. All nominees must be US citizens or permanent residents or are registered California AB540.

Awardees will receive a stipend of $20,000, plus registration fees (excluding nonresident tuition).

Applicants must be nominated by the department. To apply for nomination, students must go to the 2018–19 Fellowship Application for Continuing Graduate Students.

The departmental deadline to submit the Graduate Research Mentorship application is Wednesday February 14, 2018.

  1. The Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program is designed to provide financial support for doctoral students in the humanities, social sciences, and other disciplines where students have little opportunity for academic apprentice appointments or other university funding relevant to their graduate training during the summer months. A specific objective of the program is to promote opportunities for students to work closely with a faculty mentor in developing a paper for presentation at an academic conference and/or for publication. General goals are to facilitate close working relationships between faculty and students during the early stages of graduate education, to promote timely degree progress, and to encourage a level of creative scholarship and research productivity that help prepare students for successful academic careers. It is expected that the faculty mentor will be in frequent contact with the awardee during the summer and committed to working closely with the student.

Participants are expected to complete a draft of a paper (either single-authored by the student or co-authored with the faculty mentor) by the end of the summer. This paper should be submitted for presentation at a professional conference and/or for publication sometime during the following academic year.

The program is open to doctoral students in the disciplines indicated above who – by the program’s start – will have completed at least one year of graduate study but no more than three years of UCLA doctoral study at the time of application. Students who have advanced to candidacy are not eligible. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or international or registered California AB540. Program participants will receive a maximum $6,000 stipend.

Students nominate themselves for this award.

Application materials and supporting documents are due to Graduate Division in February 7, 2018 before 4:00 pm. Recipients are announced in mid April (approx. April 11th).

  1. Dissertation-Year Fellowships are intended for students who are advanced to candidacy at the time of nomination and are within one year of completing and filing the dissertation and planning to start teaching or research appointments soon after the end of their dissertation fellowship year. The fellowship consists of $20,000 stipend plus standard tuition and fees. Award recipients are expected to file their dissertation within 12 months of beginning their fellowship and will be asked to submit a report of their progress at midyear.  Application materials must include a proposed plan for completion of the dissertation.
    *** No student who has received a full dissertation fellowship from the Graduate Division in the past is eligible for additional Graduate Division funding. Applicants must be nominated by the Department. In general terms, for the application to be complete, it must include:
    1. Dissertation-Year Fellowship Application.
    2. A proposed plan for completion of the dissertation.
    3. An unofficial transcript including that Fall quarter’s grades.
    4. A statement regarding your career goals after receiving the degree.
    5. A resume or curriculum vitae.
    6. Two signed letters of reference, on departmental letterhead, one of which must be from the dissertation adviser. References should emphasize academic accomplishments, degree progress and feasibility of completing the dissertation within the 12-month period proposed by the applicant.
    7. In addition to the Graduate Division’s DYF requirements and the student’s qualifying exams materials, DYF applicants in the department of Spanish and Portuguese will have to submit completed portions (i.e. one chapter) of their dissertation. Faculty should provide in the letter of recommendation a statement commenting on the progress made by the student since the Qualifying Exams. The student should submit the chapter, which is different from the qualifying paper, to the recommenders and to the Graduate Affairs Committee when applying to the DYF.

Applicants must be nominated by the department. To apply for nomination, students must go to 2018–19 Fellowship Application for Continuing Graduate Students .

The departmental deadline to submit the Dissertation-year Fellowship application is Wednesday February 14, 2018. Recipients are announced in late May (approx. May 25th).

Graduate Division Privately Endowed Fellowships

These are fellowships that have special eligibility requirements. Applicants must be nominated by the department. To apply for nomination, students must go to 2018–19 Fellowship Application for Continuing Graduate Students .

Fellowships of particular interest to our graduate students include:

  • Gold Shield Alumnae of UCLA: Award is intended to support thesis research by a continuing (at the time of the award) graduate student in one of the ethnic studies master’s/doctoral programs (Afro-American Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies or Chicana & Chicano Studies). Applicants must be available in spring quarter for an interview.
  • Gordon Hein Memorial Scholarship: for students in any field of study who are blind or have low vision or other type of vision impairment.
  • Mangasar M. Mangasarian Scholarship Fund: preference is given to graduate students who are of Armenian descent. Applicants may provide evidence that one parent is Armenian.
  • Will Rogers Memorial Fellowship: for graduate students with physical disabilities in any field of study. Applicants must submit verification of their physical disability.
  • Steven J. Sackler Scholarship: for an undergraduate or graduate student who had or is experiencing cancer and who can demonstrate financial need for the fellowship year.
  • Charles F. Scott Fellowship: for graduate students with baccalaureates from UCLA. Consideration may be given to students with baccalaureates from other UC campuses. Applicants must provide evidence that they are enrolled in a course of study that prepares them for leadership in national, state or local governmental administration.
  • Philip and Aida Siff Educational Foundation Scholarship: for full-time graduate students in any discipline on the basis of demonstrated financial need and scholastic achievement and promise. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have at least a 3.75 GPA at the time of application.
  • UCLA Faculty Women’s Club Scholarships: are offered to males and females in any area of study that is within the UCLA Graduate Division. Also available is a scholarship for the direct descendant (child, step or adopted child, grandchild) of a UCLA full-time or retired full-time member of the UCLA faculty or administration. Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA to apply for FWC Scholarships. Entering and continuing graduate students are encouraged to apply. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid Office.

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