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The Federal Trust produces a series of bi-monthly European Essays (ISSN 1468-9049) with the aim of enlightening the debate on good governance. Since 1999, this thought-provoking series has included a wide spectrum of contributors, among them:

Iain Begg, John Bruton, Andrew Duff, Valéry Giscard D’Estaing, Joschka Fischer, Marisiol Garcia, John Handoll, Stephen Haseler, Lord Haskins, István Hegedûs, Thomas Jansen, Christopher Johnson, Christopher Layton, Paul Magnette, John Pinder, Johannes Rau, Jo Shaw, Dusan Sidjanski, Martin Stransky, Gisela Stuart, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Graham Watson, Antje Wiener, Enid Wistrich and Alex Wright.

Recent European Essays

  • What The European Union Did Next: A Technocracy For Unromantic Times by Roderick Parkes, Essay 51, September 2010
  • A Pro-European Platform For a Pan European Party by Alan Lamond, Essay 50, March 2010
  • A Europe Of Hope: Democratic And Effective by Keith Richardson and Gérard Montassier, Essay 49, February 2010
  • Devolution And Regional Administration: A Federal UK In Embryo? by Dr Andrew Blick, Essay 48, November 2009
  • The Stockholm Programme: More Than Just A Five-Year Itch? by Roderick Parkes, Essay 47, September 2009
  • Transforming Economic Governance of the Eurozone by Guido Montani and George Irvin, November 2009, Essay 46
  • Federal Constitutionalism: European Constitutionalism in Comparative Perspective by Nicholas Aroney, Essay Number 45, March 2009.

Previous European Essays

  • Towards a Global Sharing of Sovereignty by Mark Corner, Essay 44, August 2008
  • Altiero Spinelli’s European Federal Odyssey by John Pinder, Essay 43, June 2008
  • Regionalism and the Conditions for a New International Organisation by Dr Thomas Lane, Essay 42, February 2008
  • Fog in Westminster: Europe Cut Off by Peter Sutherland, Essay 41, January 2008
  • Unifying Europe 1 (Essay 39) and Unifying Europe 2 (Essay 40) by Alan Lamond, June 2007
  • The European Constitutional Treaty: its past, present and future by Brendan Donnelly, Essay 38, October 2006
  • Whither Human Rights? Or Wither Human Rights? by Daniel Wheatley, Essay 37, February 2006
  • Global Environmental Governance:A European Perspective by Markus Wagner, Claudia Brinkmann, Essay 36, September 2005
  • Turkey in the European Union: a personal view by Michael Lake, Essay 35, May 2005
  • Thinking about Constitutions by David Edward, Essay 34, February 2005
  • Ireland’s National Forum on Europe by Tony Brown, Essay 33, December 2004
  • Constitution and Community: Social underpinnings of a legal order by Silvana Gliga, Essay 32, September 2004
  • Regional Devolution in Europe: Lesson for the UK? by Stanley Henig and Ulrike Rüb, Essay 31, July 2004
  • The European Parliament and the British People by Michael Steed, Essay 30, May 2004
  • Contributions by the Ambassadors of EU Accession Countries to mark EU Enlargement in 2004, Essay Number 29, 2003
  • Transforming Sovereignty by Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Essay 28, December 2003
  • Britain and Europe: Yet Another Moment of Truth, Essay 27, September 2003
  • Rethinking Nato: A European Declaration of Independence by Stephen Haseler, Essay 26, May 2003
  • The European Convention: Progress and Prospects by Graham Watson MEP, Essay 25, February 2003
  • Rethinking European Citizenship by Andrew Duff MEP, Marisol Garcia, John Handoll, Pavel Kelly-Tychtl, Paul Magnette, Jo Shaw and Antje Wiener, Essay 24, December 2002
  • Convention on the Future of Europe by Gisela Stuart MP, Essay 23, October 2002
  • The Quest for a New European Federalism by Dusan Sidjanski, Essay 22, June 2002
  • The Constitutional Convention on the Future of Europe, speeches by Valery Giscard D’Estaing, Pax Cox, Romano Prodi and José M. Aznar, Essay 21, April 2002
  • The European Union: What’s the Score? Speech by Peter Hain MP, Essay 20, February 2002
  • Immigration, Migrants and Citizenship in Europe? by Professor Enid Wistrich, Essay 19, December 2001
  • Scotland in Europe: Independence or Federalism? by Alex Wright, Essay 18, October 2001
  • France and the Definition of the European Interest, speech by Jacques Chirac, Essay 17, September 2001
  • Plea for a European Constitution, speech by Johannes Rau, Essay 16, 2001
  • A Climate Community by Christopher Layton, Essay 15, April 2001
  • Pan-European Political Parties by Thomas Jansen, Essay 14, February 2001
  • Latvia’s Place in a New Europe, speech by Dr Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Essay 13, December 2000
  • Superpower not Superstate? Speech by Tony Blair, Essay 12, November 2000
  • Do Czechs Really Want Democracy? by Martin Stransky, Essay 11, October 2000
  • European Elections in Britain: Party Campaigns in the 1990s by Agnes Batory, Essay 10, September 2000
  • Our Europe, speech by Jacques Chirac, Essay 9, July 2000
  • From Confederation to Federation, speech by Joschka Fischer, Essay 8, June 2000
  • One Currency – One Country by Christopher Johnson, Essay 7, April 2000
  • Telecoms: Liberalisation without Harmonisation? by Iain Osborne, Essay 6, March 2000
  • How to Pay for Europe? by Iain Begg, Essay 5, February 200
  • Is Civil Society Heard in Brussels? by Adrian Beresford-Taylor, Essay 4, January 2000
  • Steps Towards a Federal Parliament by John Pinder and The European Parliament and Institutional Reform by John Bruton, Essay 2 and 3, November 1999
  • European Ideas – Hungarian Realities by István Hegedûs, Essay 1, October 1999

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