Essaying The Past Reviews

Editorial Reviews Review

More to Explore: See More History Guides

Editorial Reviews Review

More to Explore: See More History Guides

Editorial Reviews Review

More to Explore: See More History Guides

Editorial Reviews Review

More to Explore: See More History Guides

Acknowledgments ix

Preface to the Second Edition xii

Introduction to the Student: Why Would You Look at a Book Like This? 1

Part I Thinking and Reading About History 5

1. History: It’s About Time 7

2. What’s the Story with History? 14

3. Th e Sources of History 21

4. Good Answers Begin with Good Questions 30

5. Search Engines, Research Ingenuity 37

6. How to Read a Book without Ever Getting to Chapter One 47

Part II Writing About History 61

7. Analysis: Th e Intersection of Reading and Writing 63

8. Making a Case: An Argument in Three Parts 72

9. Defi ning Introductions 80

10. Strong Bodies (I): Th e Work of Topic Sentences 92

11. Strong Bodies (II): Exposition and Evidence 101

12. Strong Bodies (III): Counterargument and Counterevidence 112

13. Surprising Conclusions 120

14. Scaling the Summit: Crystallizing Your Argument 127

15. Writing is Rewriting: Th e Art of Revision 132

16. Putting It All Together: Th e Research Essay (A Case Study) 140

Conclusion: The Love of History 160


A Writing an Essay: Ten Easy Steps in Review 164

B Essay Varieties: DBQs, Reviews, and Comparison Assignments 166

C Let’s Give a Hand: Bibliographies and Footnotes 173

D Credit Scams: Th e Dangers of Plagiarism 184

E Web of Lies? Weighing the Internet 189

F A Glossary of Key Terms 193

G More Reading About Writing 198

Index 200

"...a useful, relatively clear guide on how to write and frame a history essay or research paper, with a structure which easily allows the reader to dip in and out of the book. Its clear prose makes it much more accessible to younger students....pleasing and clear, [it] makes the theoretical process of showing someone how to write an essay fun. [The author's] style is engaging, and his pop culture references are particularly appreciated excellent tool for history teachers and students in a secondary school." - The York Historian

  • Includes expert advice on writing about history, conducting good research, and learning how to think analytically
  • Includes a new chapter addressing common situations that represent steps in the transition from a rough first draft to a final version
  • Covers important topics such as framing questions, developing a strong introduction and topic sentences, choosing good evidence, and the crucial role of revision
  • Includes an annotated case study that takes the reader through one student’s process of writing an essay, illustrating how strategies in the text can be successfully implemented
  • New edition features updates to cultural references, a newly written preface, and reorganized table of contents

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