Eth305v Assignment 4 Celta

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Assignment 2 PST312M

1626 WordsMar 25th, 20157 Pages

Martin Minnaar
Student number: 4565-391-7
Subject: PST312M – Physical education and sports coaching
Semester 1: Assignment 2
Unique number: 527854
1. Briefly explain the relationship between physical education and sport. (5)
2. Which test is used to evaluate a child’s posture? Explain. (5)
3. Why is knowledge regarding the structure and functioning of the body so important to the physical education teacher and coach? (5)
4. What is integration as it relates to sport? Explain. (5)
5. Describe the teaching progression that is best suited for a child during early childhood. (5)
6. Name five instances in which a physical education teacher can be found guilty of negligence. (5)
7. Your coaching, athletes…show more content…

Also during health and safety lessons may the integration of physical education be accomplished. Like for instance to measure heartbeat and breathing. And to recognise that the correct diet and exercise is important.
For art and culture it can be integrated using dances and other physical skills to express feelings and ideas about themselves or the environment.
Also it can be used to develop the understanding of numerous scientific concepts and principles like gravity, force and levers. Physical education can also help to explain wide bases, low centre of gravity, and Newton’s laws of motion.

5. Teaching progression during early childhood:
A stage of development is not seen as a rigid or fixed set of academic, motor or social skills that must be acquired before advancing to the next stage. But it’s seen as approximate time periods in which to gain certain skills.
That said, characteristics of learners in the early primary school grades have a very strong influence on selection of appropriate physical activities. These characteristics include physical immaturity, short attention span and lack of experience in games, dance and gymnastics.
They therefore need broad exposure to these activities. They need to explore and discover how their bodies work.
We must therefore emphasize movement concepts and skills.
In grade 1 & 2 educators must

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