Aleks Homework

Following a diagnostic math assessment, ALEKS targets instruction on topics a student is most ready to learn at that time, creating an optimal path to success. In addition, ALEKS automatically reassesses to deliver a cycle of learning and assessment that ensures mastery and retention.

An Optimal Path to Student Success:

  • Adaptive knowledge checks identify gaps for built-in remediation
  • Content aligned to the Common Core and all 50 states' standards
  • Open-response environment avoids multiple-choice
  • Immediate feedback and step-by-step explanations
  • English and Spanish translations of content and interface
  • ALEKS QuickTables program for math practice in fact fluency
  • 24/7 online math instruction access on computers, laptops, and tablets

A Convenient Instructional and Monitoring Tool:

  • Robust reporting at the student, class, school, or district levels
  • Schedule assignments, tests, and quizzes with automatic grading
  • Math curriculum customization and class management tools
  • Flexible implementation – core, supplement, blended learning, and more

ALEKS is available to purchase on its own, or at a discount when bundled with your favorite McGraw-Hill Education math curriculum.

I'm not a very smart guy, but with enough time and effort i'm able to work through Algebra classes at a steady pace. However, any chance i had of ever passing an online subject flew right out the window when my professor implemented the Aleks program, it sucks up an insane amount of time, punishes you heavily for the slightest mistake, and has the most horrendus teaching method i have ever seen in my entire life. The explanation make little to no sense,the knowledge checks aim to try and make perfect students by shaving off points for any mistake and forcing you to spend even more hours on a subject you wasted entire days on. Online classes were meant for people to have more flexible time schedules due to jobs/families or even other time consuming classes, But Aleks completely ruins that in every possible way. If you're a teacher/Professor in any educational field i urge you to STAY AWAY from this program. You will only damage your students education and any chance of them being able to learn any subjects,this program should not exist in the educational field.

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