Group Name For Assignment Management

  • All assignments you create will be listed in your Section Home. To find assignments more easily, you can organize assignments into groups. To create a group, select the assignments you want to add to the group (A), click the actions menu (B), select Group (C) and then Add (D).

  • In the add group pop-up window, enter the group name (A) and an optional description (B). Then click save (C).

  • Your groups are listed on the bottom of your assignments list (A).

    To move assignments into an already created group or remove assignments from a group, select the assignments (B) and click Move (C). Then select the group to add assignments to from the pop-up window and click "save." Select "ungrouped assignments" from the pop-up window to remove the assignments from a group.

    You can also move a single assignment into an already created group by clicking and dragging the assignment to the desired group. To remove a single assignment from a group,click and drag it out of the group.

  • To edit or delete already created groups, click the actions menu, select Group and then Edit.

    Click the edit icon next to the desired group to begin editing (A). Remember to Save (B) when you're done editing.

    To change the group order, use the blue arrows next to each group name (C) and remember to Save new order (D).

    To permanently remove a group, click the trash bin next to the desired group (E).

    Note: You should never rename the default group called "ungrouped assignments."

  • Assignment Groups Overview

    Assignment Groups is an umbrella term used to categorize certain management grouping structures within AirWatch.

    Organization Groups, Smart Groups, and User Groups each have full feature sets and properties and are distinct from each other. One element they have in common is the way they can be used to assign content to user devices easily. Assignment Groups enables an administrator to manage these three grouping structures from a single location.

    You can use the list view to assign multiple organization groups, smart groups, and user groups to one or more profiles, public applications, and policies.

    Navigate to Groups & Settings > Groups > Assignment Groups.

    Create Custom Group List

    Using filters and column sorting, you can make customized lists of Assignment Groups by group type, group name, and whether groups have assignments, exclusions, or neither. For more information, see Create Custom Assignment Group List.

    Assign One or More Groups

    Once you have created user groups, smart groups, and organization groups, you can assign them to device profiles, public applications, and compliance policies. You can even assign multiple groups at a time. For more information, see Assign One or More Assignment Groups.

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