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Kate Shugak is an Aleut who lives on a 160-acre homestead in a generic national Park in Alaska.

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Kate’s roommate is a half-wolf, half-husky dog named Mutt. Her nearest neighbors are a bull moose and a grizzly sow. Farther off are dog mushers, miners, hunters, trappers, fishermen, bush pilots, pipeline workers, Park rats and Park rangers, other Aleuts, Athabascans, a few Tlingits and the residents of Niniltna, a village perched on the edge of the Kanuyaq River, a 600-mile long, salmon-rich tributary that winds through the Park to Prince William Sound.

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Dana Stabenow
Born(1952-03-27) March 27, 1952 (age 65)
Anchorage, Alaska, US
Alma materUniversity of Alaska (B.A, Journalism, 1973) (MFA, 1985)
Genrescience fiction, childrens mystery/crime fiction, suspense/thriller, historical adventure
Notable awardsEdgar Award, Nero Award

Dana Stabenow (born March 27, 1952 in Anchorage, Alaska) is an American author of science fiction, mystery/crime fiction, suspense/thriller, and historical adventure novels.


Many of Stabenow's books are set in her home state of Alaska, where she was raised by her single mother who lived and worked on a fish tender in the Gulf of Alaska, and feature numerous descriptions of Alaska's geography, geology, weather, and wildlife.

Stabenow received a BA in journalism from the University of Alaska in 1973 and, after deciding to try her hand as an author, later enrolled in UAA's MFA program.[1]

Her first novel, Second Star, was bought by Ace Science Fiction in 1990. It was followed by two other science fiction books. Her first Kate Shugak mystery, A Cold Day for Murder, won the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original in 1993.[1] Her 2011 Kate Shugak mystery, Though Not Dead, received the 2012 Nero Award.

In 2007 Stabenow was named Alaska Artist of the Year in the Governor's Awards for the Arts and Humanities.

In 2011, Stabenow wrote on her blog an informative article about her childhood reading experiences and how these influenced her to write detective novels.[2]

Note: The plots of the Kate Shugak and Liam Campbell Mystery series are interconnected.


Single titles[edit]

  • Blindfold Game (2006)
  • Prepared for Rage (2008)

Silk and Song trilogy[edit]

A historical adventure in which protagonist Wu Johanna, the granddaughter of Marco Polo, travels from her home in 14th-century Cambaluc (Beijing) to Europe.

  • Everything Under the Heavens (2014)
  • By the Shores of the Middle Sea (2014)
  • The Land Beyond (2015)

Star Svensdotter series[edit]

Stabenow had three books published in the "Star Svensdotter" science fiction series:

  • Second Star (1991)
  • A Handful of Stars (1991)
  • Red Planet Run (1995)

Kate Shugak series[edit]

The first book in the mystery series, A Cold Day for Murder, won the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original in 1993. Characters of the series include Kate Shugak, Mutt, Ekaterina, Jack, Jane, and Johnny Morgan, "Chopper" Jim Chopin, and Samuel Dementieff.

  • A Cold Day For Murder (1992)
  • A Fatal Thaw (1992)
  • Dead In The Water (1993)
  • A Cold Blooded Business (1994)
  • Play With Fire (1995)
  • Blood Will Tell (1996)
  • Breakup (1997)
  • Killing Grounds (1998)
  • Hunter's Moon (1999)
  • Midnight Come Again (2000)
  • The Singing Of The Dead (2001)
  • A Fine And Bitter Snow (2002)
  • A Grave Denied (2003)
  • A Taint In The Blood (2004)
  • A Deeper Sleep (2007)
  • Whisper to the Blood (2009)
  • A Night Too Dark (2010)
  • Though Not Dead (2011)
  • Restless in the Grave (2012)
  • Bad Blood (2013)
  • Less Than A Treason (2017)

Liam Campbell series[edit]

In 1998, she began a new mystery series featuring Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell. In addition to Liam Campbell, the books also feature bush pilot Wyanet Chouinard, Moses Alakuyak, and Bar & Grill owner Bill Billington.

  • Fire And Ice (1998)
  • So Sure Of Death (1999)
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay (2000)
  • Better To Rest (2002)


  • The Mysterious North (2002)
  • Powers of Detection (2004)
  • Unusual Suspects (2008)
  • At the Scene of the Crime (2008)


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