Spin Master Toys A Case Study

Learn How Hitachi Data Strategy Helps Spin Master To Digitally Transform

Read this entertainment case study to learn how the world’s fourth largest toy company, Spin Master, worked with Hitachi to answer growth challenges with a big data analytics solution that included Hitachi Content Platform and Hitachi Data Ingestor.


  • Long-Term Data Retention,
  • Big Data Integration and Analytics,
  • Hitachi Content Platform,
  • Cloud Object Platform,
  • Pentaho Business Analytics,
  • Pentaho Data Integration,
  • Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere,
  • Hitachi Data Ingestor,
  • Optimize Your Application Ecosystem,
  • Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics,
  • Hitachi Content Platform,
  • Data Protection,
  • SAP Solutions,
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation,
  • Data-Driven Digital Transformation,
  • Digital Workplace,
  • Industry Solutions,
  • Media and Entertainment

Long-Term Data Retention,Big Data Integration and Analytics,Hitachi Content Platform,Cloud Object Platform,Pentaho Business Analytics,Pentaho Data Integration,Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere,Hitachi Data Ingestor,Optimize Your Application Ecosystem,Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics,Hitachi Content Platform,Data Protection,SAP Solutions,Accelerate Digital Transformation,Data-Driven Digital Transformation,Digital Workplace,Industry Solutions,Media and Entertainment


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Executive Summary We recommend that Spin Master Toys selects Wai Lung mainly because it has about 60% available capacity in their private owner company and maybe able to follow our tight schedule. This is critical to us since the first mover advantage is of key value in this industry. Based on our quality level requirement, our previous positive experience with Wai Lung for the Finger Bike product suggested that this company has the ability to fully cover all criteria and finish the task on time. They also put us at the top of the priority list and eager to group its business with us. We suggest to not select Wah Shing because they seem to be running at 70% to 80% capacity right now and will not have enough availability for us and it maybe difficult for them to finish each step on time. In order to implement our recommendation of Wai Lung, we need to support them with a few more engineers from our headquarters and also suggest to Wai Lung that they hire a few more engineers to improve their engineering force. The issue that need to be solved We have a new product which is the E-Charger. However, we have to find a suitable manufacturer in limited time. Also, we need to consider the manufacturer’s on time delivery, capacity, quality, technological strength, and cost. Industry and Business Overview The first mover will gain significant power in the toy industry. As a result, this is the key success factor in this market. The company’s previous success relied most on their innovated

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